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Sep 29, 2015

GSA Ireland congratulates Pat Hedderman and Wolfhaus Kinga and team captain Fintan Lalor, of OG Thomond, who represented Ireland at the WUSV IPO World Championships in Lahti, Finland, from September 23-27 2015.

Tracking (Josef Schallegruber): Friday September 25 at 10.00 - 60 points

Obedience (Gunther Diegel): Sunday September 27 at 12.58 - 87 points

Protection (Josef Vonarburg): Saturday September 26 at 08.12 - 87 points

Congratulations to winner Debra Zappia (USA) with Iron von den Wolfen and team place winners Germany and to the organising committee in Finland for a fantastic event.

Thanks also to Arja Seppala, Team Ireland's host in Finland, for all her assistance and to Karanberg for tracksuit sponsorship.

Full results here

Pictures here, more to follow

Read about the 2014 event here

Sep 14, 2015

OG Waterside will hold a club IPO Trial on Friday November 6 2015.

Read on for more details and entry form.

Sep 6, 2015
GSA Ireland members can now avail of a new back x-ray service provided by the SV in addition to hip and elbow x-rays. Please contact for more details.