Jul 1, 2012


OG Waterside held a full IPO Trial on Sunday July 1 at club grounds in Ashbourne.

Judge David Buckley

Tracklayer Christine Hynes

Helper Tommy Murphy

Trial winner was Clare Higgins with Eilenburg Joel.



Martin McMenamin - Eilenburg Kwai - PASS

Gerard Flynn - Elmhaus Harry - PASS

Gavin Power - Ballbriggan Boy - PASS



Martin McMenamin - Eti vom Annacarton - 77

Paul Conroy - Harbourmanor Aloo - 65 (NQ)



Claire Higgins - Eilenburg Joel (70/75/88 -233)

R. Owens - Galesford Hilderinc - (88/85/0 - 173 - NQ)



Brian Simpson - Vee vom Karthago - (95/83/0 - 175 - NQ)

Barry Dennehey - Caisleanrioga Arthur - (90/80/0 - 170 - NQ)

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Jan 15, 2015


OG Glanmire will host a trial at club grounds on March 21st/22nd 2015

Judge: Jim Jackson (SV/GSDL)

Tracklayer: Brian Simpson (OG Waterside)

Helpers: Peter McKenna/Brian Reidy (OG Waterside)



Oct 31, 2014

OG Waterside hosted a successful IPO trial at club grounds on Friday October 31st under Toine Jonkers (VDH/WUSV)

Tracklayer: Brian Simpson (OG Waterside)

Helper: Brian Reidy (OG Waterside)

Please read on for full results
Oct 12, 2014


GSA Ireland congratulates the Irish team who travelled to Haguenau, France, for the WUSV World Championships from October 8-12th 2014.


Representing Ireland were:


Padraig (Paul) Flanagan and Sepp vom Haus Silma

Tracking - 91

Obedience - 89

Protection - 91

To finish on a score of 271 - congratulations to Padraig and Sepp for yet another successful World Championships

Clare Higgins and Eilenburg Joel

Tracking - 71

Obedience - 70

Protection - 88

To finish on a score of 229. Well done to Clare and Woodsy for attaining a qualifying score at their first ever World Championships.


Team captain was Andrea Leamy and vice captain was Clare Weir. Tracksuits were sponsored by Karanberg kennels.


The competition was won by Helmut Huber and Hank com Weinbergblick for the third year in a row with a score of 99 - 96 - 97 (292) and Germany also won the top team position.

For more information and full results - visit the event website here