Jul 1, 2012


OG Waterside held a full IPO Trial on Sunday July 1 at club grounds in Ashbourne.

Judge David Buckley

Tracklayer Christine Hynes

Helper Tommy Murphy

Trial winner was Clare Higgins with Eilenburg Joel.



Martin McMenamin - Eilenburg Kwai - PASS

Gerard Flynn - Elmhaus Harry - PASS

Gavin Power - Ballbriggan Boy - PASS



Martin McMenamin - Eti vom Annacarton - 77

Paul Conroy - Harbourmanor Aloo - 65 (NQ)



Claire Higgins - Eilenburg Joel (70/75/88 -233)

R. Owens - Galesford Hilderinc - (88/85/0 - 173 - NQ)



Brian Simpson - Vee vom Karthago - (95/83/0 - 175 - NQ)

Barry Dennehey - Caisleanrioga Arthur - (90/80/0 - 170 - NQ)

Latest News

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Aug 5, 2016

Please read on for a statement regarding health criteria for GSA Ireland breed shows.

Jul 29, 2016

GSA Ireland wishes to thank exhibitors and spectators for their congratulations and kind words of praise both verbally and via social media in relation to the success of the Irish Sieger Breed Show held this year at the grounds of OG Templepatrick in Co Antrim.

Please read on.....

Jul 24, 2016
Congratulations to the Irish Sieger 2016 Granitt vom Osterberger Tal VA1 owned by Gerry Murray and Siegerin Paris vom Simpor VA1 owned by the Hall family and Pauline Adam. Vice Sieger was Balko von Armen V1 owned by Emer O'Sullivan and Vice Siegerin was Etterna di Fosco Aida V1 owned by Raymond and Dalia Simaitis. Judge was Herr Thomas Teubert (SV), TSB helper was Martin McMenamin (OG Templepatrick/GSA Ireland) and show steward was Alan Graham. Host club was OG Templepatrick.
Food prizes were provided by Dr. Clauders. Well done to all competitors, full results and pictures to follow, read on for results.