Jun 17, 2012

Universal Sieger Championships

The World Universal Sieger Championships took place in Slovenia from June 13-17.

Erin O'Shea with Zambo vom Reidschlurgi of the USA won the World Universal Sieger title for a second year after taking part in the conformation show and scoring 283 in the trial (91/96/96)

Full results here

Latest News

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Feb 5, 2015

OG Templepatrick will host a club IPO trial at club grounds on Saturday April 11th 2015

Judge: Harald Hohmann (SV)

Helper: Martin McMenamin (OG Templepatrick)

Tracklayer: Jim Caldwell (OG Waterside)


Feb 2, 2015

The Ulster Landesgruppen will run an LG Show under SV judge Harald Hohmann (Kennel Melancthon) on Sunday 12th April 2015.

Click here for SCHEDULE and ENTRY FORM

Please contact for further details

Jan 15, 2015

OG Glanmire will host a club IPO trial at club grounds on March 21st/22nd 2015

Judge: Jim Jackson (SV/GSDL)

Tracklayer: Brian Simpson (OG Waterside)

Helpers: Peter McKenna/Brian Reidy (OG Waterside)

Please read on for entry form and accommodation details.